Wyoming Ranching Family, the Farthings

Raising Beef in Wyoming

With a moniker like “The Cowboy State,” it’s no secret Agriculture plays a proud and prominent role in Wyoming.  According to the state’s Department of Agriculture, Wyoming is one of a few states who has added agricultural lands in recent years, and ranks first in the nation for average farm/ranch land mass.  The USDA/NASS statistics for 2017 show Wyoming was home to 1,307,731 cattle and generated over $1.1 billion in sales that year.  Click on images for extended stories.

Meet SOme of Wyoming's Cattle RANCHErs

the gordon family

The Merlin Ranch, owned and operated by Mark and Jennie Gordon is located in the red scoria hills just outside of Buffalo in northeastern Wyoming.  It is a cow-calf and heifer development operation that runs a predominately Black Angus Hereford cross.

the geis family

The Geis Cattle & Sheep Ranch near Gillette is one of Campbell County’s longtime family ranches, owned by Gerry and Gwen, and Kevin and Bobbi Geis. The ranch is about 30,000 leased and owned acres on rolling hills and runs approximately 350 cow/calf pairs of Angus cattle and 2,000 sheep.

the farthing family

The Farthing Ranch, near Iron Mountain Wyo. has been owned and operated by the Farthing family since 1883. Their range is currently home to Black Angus and Hereford cattle, quarter horse and thoroughbred crosses, and a spunky herd of Shetland ponies. 

the fieldgrove family

The Fieldgrove family has been ranching in the Buffalo area for over 130 years.  They manage their grasslands, including some unique noxious weed issues, with cattle, sheep, and goats.

The GEorge family

The George family homesteaded near Heart Mountain after World War II by taking advantage of a program for returning veterans. Today the George Dairy raises 600 dairy cows, 100 commercial beef cows and grows crops on 1,400 acres of irrigated farmland. 

the hendry family

Clear Creek Cattle Company near Lysite, Wyo. was founded by William "Scotty" Hendry in the early 1900s and the fifth generation of the Hendry family now calls it home. The ranch is a cow-calf operation running Black Angus cows bred to Charolais bulls.

the ellis family

The Flying E Ranch is home to the 4th generation of Ellis' near Lovell, Wyo.  The Ellis Family raises Black Angus cattle, corn, other grains and alfalfa.  They also operate a small feedlot and offer custom farming, planting and harvesting services to others in the area. 

the croftS family

The Armada Ranch near Sweetwater Station, Wyo. was purchased by Carla Crofts' grandparents in 1960. Today the ranch is home to both cattle and sheep. Just 20 miles up the creek, Rob Crofts' grandparents homesteaded in 1883, establishing the Crofts Sheep Co.

the bush family

The Bush Family Ranch was settled over 120 years ago near Ten Sleep. In addition to cattle, the ranch is home to wildlife- including elk, antelope, mule deer, and bear. In 1975 the Bushes established Boxelder Outfitting, allowing a few hunters a year to harvest trophy mule deer on the ranch.

the eisele-roberts family

The King Ranch, originally established in 1911 as a sheep ranch, turned to cattle in the 1960’s.  The ranch ranges in elevation from 6,400 feet outside Cheyenne to 8,600 feet on the U.S. Forest Service leases in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

The Sims Family

The Sims Ranch is spread out with many miles between land parcels- you can cross the Sims Ranch in three Wyoming counties, and one in Utah! In addition to raising delicious and nutritious beef, the Sims family raises sheep, produces wool, and grows hay.

The Graves Family

The Graves Family runs a cow-calf operation near Wheatland, Wyo. Their bulls are purchased off the ranch and they raise their own Hereford cows, keeping back steers to carry over to yearlings. 

The Wilson Family

The V Ranch is a multigenerational family operation owned by the Wilson family near Ten Sleep, Wyo.  Three generations currently live and work on the ranch raising beef cattle .

the thaler family

Thaler Land and Livestock Company is located in Goshen County in the southeast corner of Wyoming. The ranch consists of more than 20,000 acres of deeded land, 5000 acres from the State of Wyoming and 40 acres from the BLM. 

the Lerwick Family

The Lerwick Family settled near Albin Wyoming in 1908. Their cattle program combines premium genetics from select herds across MT, the Dakotas, NE, and WY.  With land they own, rent, and lease for grazing, Lerwick Farms manages approximately 14,000 acres.

A Day in the Life of a ranch mom

Kate Williams and her husband Chris manage the beautiful ZN Ranch at the foot of Elk Mountain.  Her days are pleasantly busy as she and Chris raise their young ranch family.

Ranch hands lend a hand

Meet some of Wyoming's ranch hands, cowboys, jacks of all trades, farm workers, hired hands...  Whatever you call them, they're some of the hardest working, most capable laborers in our state!