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About Us

The Wyoming Beef Council (WBC) was established in 1971 to serve as the promotion, research and education arm of the Wyoming beef industry. The Council is comprised of five members, who are appointed by Wyoming’s Governor. The members set priorities for the WBC, determine funding allowances and evaluate programs. They represent all segments of beef production within Wyoming including range cattle, dairy cattle and feedlots. WBC programs are funded by the $1-per-head beef checkoff collected on all Wyoming cattle when they are sold. For more detailed information on the beef checkoff, click below.

MISSION | Benefit Wyoming's beef community and economy by increasing domestic and international beef demand.

VISION | The WBC will remain the most trusted beef promotion and education resource in Wyoming and responsibly steward Beef Checkoff funds to improve the marketing climate for beef.

BELIEFS | We believe in investing Beef Checkoff dollars in markets and programs that have the most potential to increase beef demand in Wyoming, nationally and internationally;

We value and seek collaboration with traditional and non-traditional partners to best serve the industry and checkoff investors;

We are accountable to all Wyoming Beef producers and are responsible for ensuring that investors are aware of how their Beef Checkoff dollars are spent.

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VOTING Members

Appointed by Wyoming's Governor

Spencer Ellis
Feeder - Lovell, WY

Current term expires June 30, 2025 (eligible for reappointment)

Scott Lake
Range Cattle - Laramie, WY

Current term expires June 30, 2026 (not eligible for reappointment)

Kahla Mills
Range Cattle - Gillette, WY
Current term expires June 30, 2025 (eligible for reappointment)

Ea'mon O'Toole (2023 Chair)
Range Cattle - Baggs, WY

Current term expires June 30, 2026 (not eligible for reappointment)

Arley George
Dairy - Cody, WY

Current term expires June 30, 2024 (eligible for reappointment)


Ann Wittmann - Executive Director
[email protected]
(307) 777-6399

Gary Gwin - Program Director
[email protected]
(307) 777-7396

Ex-Officio members

Doug Miyamoto
Director, Wyoming Department of Agriculture

designee Members

Appointed by members of the WBC

Scott George,  Director, U.S. Meat Export Federation

Scott Lake, Director, U.S. Meat Export Federation

Gwen Geis, Director, Cattlemen's Beef Board

Lynn George, Director, Federation of State Beef Councils

Timmery Hellyer, Director, Federation of State Beef Councils

Leslie Hendry, Director, Federation of State Beef Councils

Liaison Members

Jim Magagna
Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Steve True
Wyoming Livestock Board

Jim Rogers
Wyoming Board of Agriculture

Ben Anson
Wyoming Board of Agriculture

Ken Hamilton
Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation