WBC features Jennie Gordon and the Merlin Ranch


February 22, 2018

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Wyoming Rancher Jennie Gordon
Jennie Gordon

“We care about our livestock, and not just because it’s our livelihood.”  - Jennie Gordon

WBC features Jennie Gordon and the Merlin Ranch

CHEYENNE, WYO -  The Wyoming Beef Council is featuring a profile Jennie Gordon, owner-manager of the Merlin Ranch near Buffalo, Wyo.,  as part of its efforts to tell the stories of how today's ranchers care for their cattle.

The Wyoming Beef Council has been featuring stories about ranching families in its marketing efforts since 2013. The featured stories resonate with millennials, the target audience for growing beef demand, and the stories are among the most frequently visited web pages on the Wyoming Beef Council's website, wybeef.com.  The millennial generation, those born between 1980 and early 2000, is the largest segment of the U.S. population exceeding 80 million.

"Sharing real-life ranching stories helps consumers better understand where their food comes from," said Ann Wittmann, executive director of the Wyoming Beef Council. "Features, like the one on Jennie Gordon show the dedication and hard work that goes into raising cattle, from the intensive record keeping to nursing calves during a blizzard."

Jennie Gordon, like the majority of women in ranching, wears many hats. While technically she is the owner-manager, she heads up marketing, record keeping, and the vaccination program on the Merlin Ranch. Their ranch manager handles the production side. She also cooks for everyone working, helps care for the animals and the land, and has been known to mend a fence or two.  

The Merlin Ranch is located in the red scoria hills just outside of Buffalo in northeastern Wyoming.  The cattle, typically about 500 head, are raised on 12,000 acres of leased and owned native range and hay grown on the ranch.   

Gordon thinks that working on the ranch is the best job. “I’m outdoors, and this is my office,” she says waving to the sagebrush-covered hills and the green pastures.  

“I love working with the animals and ensuring their health. There’s so much science and, even, art to this work. You watch the animals closely, knowing from how they move when they are sick and then how to take care of them.” 

Through the ranch's database, she can tell details about every cow and calf on the ranch, every shot they ever had, what their weaning weights, and vaccination numbers. “You just challenge me to anything, and I will have the answer for you on my database. Record keeping is important because people want to know where their food comes from.”  

Read the full feature on Jennie https://www.wybeef.com/meet-our-ranchers/meet-rancher-jennie-gordon/

Mark and Jennie Gordon

Jennie Gordon and her husband Mark Gordon, Wyoming State Treasurer, on a four day trail ride up the Big Horns, near Mayoworth (Kaycee), WY. Photo by Val Gordon-Johnson.


The Merlin Ranch is a cow-calf and heifer development operation that runs a predominately Black Angus Hereford cross.

Jennie Gordon

Jennie thinks that working on the ranch is the best job. “I’m outdoors, and this is my office,” she says waving to the sagebrush-covered hills and the green pastures.

Merlin Ranch

The Merlin Ranch is located near Buffalo. 

Wyoming Beef Council

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