Great American Eclipse Burger popular with Glendo eclipse watchers


August 30, 2017

Contact: Ann Wittmann, Executive Director of Wyoming Beef Council
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Glendo Event

Visitors at the Glendo Eclipse Festival found the Great American Eclipse Burger banner entertaining and many took photos with the banners that were located through the addition to making their own eclipse burger.

Great American Eclipse Burger popular with Glendo eclipse watchers

CHEYENNE, WYO -  Thousands of visitors from around the world crowded into Glendo, Wyoming for a two-day eclipse festival. The town, which was in the path of totality for the August 21 solar eclipse, also was the site where the Wyoming Beef Council's Great American Eclipse Burger was launched.  Thanks to the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club, hundreds of visitors uniquely crafted their own eclipse burgers using a variety of condiments made available by the Wyoming Beef Council. 

"This partnership was a real treat," said Ann Wittmann, executive director of the Wyoming Beef Council.  "Cheyenne Kiwanis does an amazing job of preparing and serving meals to incredibly large crowds. To be part of this club's well-coordinated teamwork was an honor."   

The Wyoming Beef Council created the Great  American Eclipse Burger as a quick, easy beef recipe in honor of the historic eclipse. The secret to the recipe is in the sauce preparation. Burgers were grilled to 160 degrees. On the bottom half of the bun, favorite sauces were applied in a circular pattern.  Then, using a toothpick  or the thin side of a plastic knife, burger creators drew from the center of the bun outward to mingle the sauces and create a "ring of fire." Placing the burger on the bun, the colorful sauces created a tasty corona surrounding the beef. 

The Great American Eclipse Burger was also promoted through social media and garnered impressive results including nearly 3,000 engagements on Facebook and a 75 percent increase in reach through Twitter when compared to the previous month. Laramie Peak CattleWomen also promoted the eclipse burger by handing out recipe cards to viewers in Wheatland.  Additionally, the burger was featured on the KTWO-TV Good Morning Wyoming show. 

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