Homestyle Recipes

Meet Kylie Schutzmann

Kylie Schutzman is a graduate of the Wyoming Culinary Institute in Sheridan Wyo. She and her husband AJ live in Cheyenne and keep busy raising two toddlers. She enjoys good music, baseball, and cooking healthy, tasty meals for her family.  

Kylie shared with us some of her family's favorite beef recipes. They include nutritious, inexpensive, quality ingredients and are easy options for your family dinner table. Best of all, they are kid tested and approved!

Taco Breakfast Cups

1 lb seasoned taco beef (can even be leftovers)

6 large eggs

1 cup egg whites

1/4 cup milk

2 green onions, chopped

1 to 2 cups shredded cheese of your choice

salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 350. Prepare taco meat to your liking or use leftover from a previous meal. Spray a muffin tin well with cooking spray and divide meat and onions into the 12 wells. Top with cheese. Combine in a bowl eggs, egg whites, milk and season with salt & pepper and whisk. Pour egg mix over each well and bake 20 min or until set.

Fresh pico with Avocado

1/2 to 1 diced avocado

chopped cilantro

1 clove fresh garlic, chopped

juice of 1 lime

2 diced Roma tomatoes

1/2 cup white onion, finely diced

salt to taste

diced fresh jalapeño (optional)

Combine in a bowl and top baked egg muffins with sour cream and pico. Enjoy!

BEEF & Barley Soup (Instant Pot)

1 TBSP olive oil

1 onion, diced 

minced garlic to taste

3 large carrots, sliced

3 stalks celery, sliced

2 full cups chuck, diced into 1/2 in cubes

6 cups beef broth

1 14oz can petite diced tomatoes

2/3 cup quick barley

1 T Worcestershire sauce

1/4 tsp dried thyme

1 package beef gravy mix

1 bay leaf

2 T red wine (optional)

2 T fresh parley, chopped for garnish

salt and pepper to taste (I like using garlic salt)

On the brown/saute setting of the pressure cooker add olive oil until hot. Add beef and saute, searing all sides. Add red wine if using and cook the alcohol off, about a minute or two. Then add the garlic, carrots, celery and onion and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add all other ingredients except the fresh parsley and cook on high pressure for about 18 minutes. Let the pressure release slowly if possible. Adjust salt and pepper if needed and top with fresh chopped parsley.

Beer Pretzel Dogs

12 Oz warmed beer (110-120 degrees) 

2 TBSP honey

3 1/4 cups all purpose flour

1 tsp kosher salt

1/2 cup baking soda

1 large egg

Coarse salt

8 all beef hotdogs

Preheat oven to 450. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pour beer into stand mixer and sprinkle yeast over the top and add honey. Stir once and let rest 5 to 10 min until nice and foamy. 

Fill an 8 qt pot with water and bring to boil over md-high heat. Beat egg and 2 TBSP water in a small bowl and set aside. 

Wipe off the counter you are going to roll the dough out on and do not flour. Add flour and salt to mixer and knead on low speed for about 3 min until the dough comes together into a ball. Add flour if needed a tablespoon at a time until the dough becomes tacky but not sticky.

Cut dough into 8 pieces. Roll each into a 12 inch strand and place end of dough onto end of dog pinching the end together. Wrap rest of dough around the hot dog and pinch the end. 

Very carefully add baking soda to boiling water and stir. Place wrapped hot dogs in the water 3 at a time for 30 seconds. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on parchment. Repeat until all are done. 

Brush each with egg and sprinkle with coarse salt. Bake 11 -13 min until browned.

French Dip Sliders

1 dozen Hawaiian sweet rolls

1 lb deli roast beef, rare

12 slices provolone cheese

1 1/2 C french fried onions

Au Jus Mix Glaze:

8 T butter

1 packet au jus mix

1 t Worcestershire sauce

1 T toasted sesame seeds

3/4 t minced garlic

1/2 t onion powder

Preheat oven to 350º. Butter a 9x13 dish. Without separating the rolls, slice the package in half. Place the bottom half of the rolls in the baking dish, top with half of the cheese, slices of roast beef, remainder of the cheese, french onions, and top of the rolls.

In a small bowl melt the butter, mix in 1T of the au jus powder, Worcestershire sauce, sesame seeds, garlic, and onion powder. Whisk until well combined.

Liberally brush the top of the rolls with the au jus glaze, then thin and prepare the rest of the glaze for serving with the sliders.

Bake the sliders uncovered until the cheese is gooey and the tops of the rolls are golden brown- about 15 minutes.

Cut apart and serve with au jus.

Beef & Veggie Soup

Serve this soup with garlic toast and slices of apple for the perfect autumn supper.

2 lbs ground beef

1/2 an onion - diced

2 C vegetable stock

3-14 oz cans of diced tomatoes

2 cups frozen carrots and peas mix

2 cups frozen corn

1-14 oz can great northern beans

I-14 oz can green beans

4 cloves diced garlic

2 T Italian seasoning

Salt & Pepper to taste

Brown beef with onion, drain. Add all ingredients to the pressure cooker. Put the lid on and set the valve to pressure seal for 5 minutes and release pressure when done. Season to your liking and garnish with Parmesan cheese.

This can also be cooked in a stock pot- just simmer until flavors meld.

Sheet Pan Steak & Veggies

The simple yet delicious recipe won't take much time out of your busy day!

2 lbs baby red or golden potatoes

16 oz broccoli florets

2 T olive oil

4 cloves minced garlic

1 tsp dried thyme

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 lbs (1 inch thick) top sirloin steak

In a large pot of salted boiling water, cook potatoes until semi-soft, about 15 min. Drain well. Preheat oven to broil and coat a sheet pan with nonstick spray. Place potatoes and broccoli in a single layer. Add olive oil, garlic, thyme and salt and pepper to season. Toss to combine. 

Season steaks with salt and pepper and add to baking sheet. Place in oven to broil until steak is browned and charred at edges, about 4-5 min per side for medium rare. Top with butter if desired.

Crock pot beef stroganoff

Tip: I often stir together the ingredients, put in a freezer bag, and freeze. Then, just dump it in the crock pot for a quick meal later on.

1 pound stew meat

1 (10.75 oz) can of cream of onion soup

1 (10.75 oz) can of cream of mushroom soup

8 oz egg noodles

1/2 cup sour cream

8 oz of sliced button mushrooms

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp black pepper

In a crock pot toss in the stew meat. In a bowl, mix together soups and season well with garlic salt and pepper. Pour over stew meat and cook on low for 4 hours. In the last hour of cooking, add the sliced mushrooms and stir. When ready to serve, turn off crock pot and stir in sour cream. Serve over cooked egg noodles.